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About us

We are outsourcing lighting calculation and design support from 2016. It is our customer's encouragement and challenging projects keeps us awake day & night.


We strongly believe in collaboration of ideas and support each other for the excellence of the business.

Lighting technologies have evolved over the years to become higher quality, more efficient ... Unfortunately, LEDs pose unique problems because of different efficacy.  No two fixtures of the same wattage produce the same lighting result. It is critical to creating a lighting calculation based on each type of luminaires.

To serve the need for the emerging lighting industry, we help outsourcing of the lighting (Lux) calculation, lighting layout drafting and supportive calculation for Green Buildings. 

We value the need for optimal design; which can be achieved through the precession planning and flawless execution; we embarked on this journey to support the lighting industry to meet the current growing need.

With the introduction of Green Building Concepts aimed at sustainable designs; created a need for more accurate and precise calculations. We empower the same through value-added services like lighting calculation, lighting layouts, LEED tabulations, and light power density calculations.

We help our clients quote for projects which are design-based. We evaluate the project and provide estimated lighting quantities and bill of material.

We work closely with multinational lighting suppliers and lighting/electrical consultants to make the calculations more simple and quick. As we work with many international clients, the confidentiality of each project/client is our paramount importance.

We specialize in computer-aided designs to make the required calculations and will be able to provide the solutions in a different format as required by the industry in the quickest possible time.

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